Spring 2016

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Hello All and Happy Spring!

Spring is here again with all its hopefulness for new beginnings! The dormant winter gone and the thoughts of renewal abound. Consider applying Spring’s magic to yourself with a detox or cleanse. M’lis provides us the best there is to offer with their 7 Day Cleanse, All Natural Weight Loss and the Body Contour Wraps.Contact me to get the “skinny” on any of these products or treatments.

And speaking of treatments, I am now offering 2 new services.

Meridian Facial $75.00
This ancient and unique massage technique provides an uplifting and exotic experience that reduces stress and calms your body, mind and spirit. It will also improve the appearance of facial contours, open the Meridian energy channels throughout the body and help eliminate anxiety and tension.

Mind and Sole Sensations $60.00
This treatment begins with a delightful foot cleansing. Then a vigorous exfoliation occurs, followed by an all natural, ultra-moisturizing mask. While the mask does its magic, your scalp and neck will be re-energized. Massaging the scalp increases oxygen to the brain, relaxes the mind and tight muscles, lifts your mood and works wonders! When the scalp is massaged, the rest of you relaxes, too!

Contact me to schedule soon, 304-279-3109.

Best ~
p.s. Local Events that may be of interest to you:
Boonsboro Farmer’s Market opens May 3rd
Greenfest May 7th
Girls Night Out, May 19th

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