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Winter 2016

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Good Day,  All! I’m looking out my window at 40.5 inches of snow! Since we can’t  go anywhere, it’s the perfect time to pamper yourself with some TLC.  At least, until you get plowed out and can get yourself to Green Bamboo! Discover why these professional treatments are so good for you in the article, “Attaining and Maintaining Healthy Skin”.  Or if you suffer from the wintertime blues, the second article, “Is the Season Getting you Down?” may provide some insightful information. The final article, “Be Immune to Inactivity” will get you moving in the right direction, if all the shoveling didn’t! Remember...

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Autumn 2015

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We are enjoying a beautiful Indian Summer, but things are soon to change. Take a few minutes out of the busy-ness of life and treat  yourself to some great information on keeping healthy with these interesting articles: TURN BACK THE CLOCK, site wasn’t that extra hour fabulous, why not invest that hour at Green Bamboo for a facial? THE ART OF BATHING, what’s better than a splendid, restorative bubble bath? DON’T GET SICK!, that should be our new mantra! Lots going on in Boonsboro & Green Bamboo. Here’s the list: Girls’ Night Out ~ November 19 from 6pm – 9pm Small Business Saturday ~November 28 from 8am – 11am Holiday In...

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Summer 2015

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Summer 2015 Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer Dust off the sun & moon & sing a song of cheer…I hope you are all savoring the delights of summer, especially the abundance of local, fresh fruits & veggies! Read the articles here for a new appreciation of these super foods. NATURAL FACIAL TREATMENTS provides recipes for winsome facial masks. NATURE’S NUTRITIONAL WONDER explains the many benefits of cruciferous vegetables — they’re not just a pretty face! And we wouldn’t have any of this without HERE COMES THE SUN (thank you George Harrision!). Yes, the sun is crucial in making all this possible, but be mindful of...

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Spring 2015

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Think Spring! Spring Forward, Spring Cleaning, Spring Fever, Spring Training… this newsletter is blossoming with tips to help you with this season of rebirth, renewal & hope. THE VISIBLE EFFECTS OF STRESS, read how stress can impact your overall health RELIEF FOR COMPUTER USERS, proper lighting is a must PROBIOTICS FOR SKIN HEALTH, think fermented food, which is all the craze right now. A recent Washington Post article came to my attention regarding vitamins & supplements. Keep in mind they are NOT created equally. M’lis vitamins & supplements are the only ones I promote & sell. I have personally taken them for years because integrity &...

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Winter 2015

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Hello Everyone & Happy 2015! Don’t you just love the beginning of the new year, with all its promises, hopes & good intentions? It’s as though you’re given the gift of a brand new start for a better you! So check out the articles that follow to help you in that endeavor: DETOX THE BODY, RENEW THE SKIN – Eliminating Toxins Can Clear Complexions ELIMINATION EFFECT – Clear Skin Depends on Internal Wellness GIFTS OF GREEN TEA And to assist you along the way, think about these restorative & rejuvenating M’lis products: Daily Antioxidant Essentials – builds up free radial defenses & promotes healthy heart, brain & skin Total Body...

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Autumn 2014

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Autumn’s Here! October gave a party; The leaves by hundreds came – Chestnuts, Oaks and Maples, And leaves of every name… This poem, “October’s Party” by George Cooper has always brought me joy. Maybe because my father used to read it to us or  because the season is so vibrant or because there’s no chance of humidity! Regardless, it’s time for a treat & a time of change — especially when we think about our skin & overall health. These articles may give you food for thought while enjoying this Fall: STRETCH OUT — get up & MOVE, sit up straight & more ENZYME POWER — GB has splendid products...

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